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Recovering Addicts, Affected Families, Youth, Schools and Community Leaders




We are a family directly affected by Addiction.

We share our experience with our years of training and expertise to assist others.



Our programmes and courses provide an opportunity for you to start living again, successfully.

We work hand-in-hand with you to guide you on your path to recovery, success and happiness.


Unless you become aware of what is keeping you stuck, you will continue as you have always done.  As the saying goes, ‘If you continue doing things in the same way, no matter how hard you try, you will always achieve the same results’.

We MUST do something differently to achieve different results.

Remember:  Life is about moving on, accepting and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.

Mikhail, Life Coach and Counsellor


Since our founding Dimensions SA has assisted families and addicts through the recovery journey by providing tools for lasting solutions based on our experience coupled with best practice.  Our approach is holistic which transcends the immediate challenges of addiction into a world where we start taking charge of our own wellbeing and effecting those changes we so desperately desire.

We have developed very specific workshops and training that take into account the client’s need: families, recovering addicts, youth and community leaders.  Though presented in an informal setting the content is well structured ensuring that all critical areas are covered.

Our holistic approach to addiction and professional service enable you to manage your addiction challenges and prepare you for your road to recovery and success.



We inspire and empower our clients and their families / loved ones to live life optimally


We are focused on improving the wellbeing of our clients and family by providing interactive and holistic programmes

Shuabe Gadija Yusra Mikhail
Business Development and Co-Founder  Family Life Coach and Co-Founder   Life Coach and Counsellor Manager: Part-Time Programmes


Visiting this website is your first step to improving your life. Whether you are looking for something to help enhance your mindset, or your life at work and at home, rest or play, you have discovered the beginning of realising your potential.

Shuabe, Co-Founder and Business Developer