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Training Course

This short training course is designed to equip individuals, community activists and leaders active in fields such as Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence with the necessary basic counselling skills and knowledge.



-Aims to provide you with practical counselling skills and techniques.

-Provides you with relevant theoretical counselling models and paradigms from psychology. 

-Will enable you to act as intermediary between people in need of counselling and professional support services. 

-Focuses on, among others, basic counselling principles and skills such as person-centred communication, the process of helping, 

     values underlying the counselling process, and practical issues such as the structure/stages of the interview/counselling process.


Target group

  • Already qualified professionals who would like to enhance their counselling skills to be utilised in their work related counselling liabilities e.g. teachers, nurses, people from (para) medical professions (e.g. speech, physio and occupational therapists), social workers, ministers of religion, medical practitioners 
  • Individuals from all walks of life who are in need of counselling skills on a voluntary level in their communities 
  • People on the look-out for personal enrichment 
  • NGOs, trainers, youth workers

The next Basic Counselling Course training can be hosted at your organisation or at any of the Dimensions SA offices.


“Definitely an essential workshop for TEACHERS and PARENTS as well as other INDIVIDUALS to attend if they are serious about LISTENING and being the change they wish to see.

Intervention and Counselling. Learn better counselling techniques.

Mikhail Rajap, Head Coach is fully competent and emotionally intelligent, he understands the needs within our communities.

It's an intense intervention and counselling programme, however very manageable. Be open to sharing. Be open to learning. Be open to giving and receiving. Small groups. Interactive. Reflective. Essential.

I was very grateful that I could immediately use what I've learned over two days. I'm using it in my personal life as well as in my professional life. Mikhail Rajap is an ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONAL. I would recommend his services to my closest friends and family. Now, knowing the value of what I've gained, I feel a little embarrassed for paying a ridiculously low amount for the training programme.

Call Dimensions SA today! You deserve this. The people whom you care for deserve this intervention. Light up your community. Be the light.”

- Nadia Charles


“Thank you again so much for an inspiring and learning course. Your teaching format and notes given will really assist our NPO to make a difference in every child's life. I appreciate your time and patience you showed in every question addressed and answered. You gave a good for all of us present to be comfortable and open.”

Bronwyn Matthews Newman


Dimensions SA Courses

Some of our Clients who are on the road of Success and have completed Life Changing courses through Dimensions SA.

Our 2017 graduate recieves his LCIP certificate from life coach, Mikhail Rajap.
Two of our LCIP graduates recieve their certficates with Life Coach, Mikhail Rajap.