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  Weekend Program for Recovering Addicts

Who Should Attend: Addicts in Recovery

In today's world, life is so fast paced that this alone has become one of the causes of relapse that we don't see coming. We become so involved in everyday things that we forget to check-in with the self and look after our souls. We don't have the time to process things happening in our lives that are affecting us. 

For this reason Dimensions SA has launched the L.C.I.P. <Premium>
© WEEKEND GETAWAY for Recovering Male Addicts. You will be given the time to equip yourself with tools to manage everyday life as well as making your well-being and lifestyle a priority to be a healthy one. This is a wonderful opportunity to prioritise ones recovery with no distraction and be in a relaxing and peaceful environment for introspection, to learn and grow. 

If you cannot take care of your recovery and yourself, then what will your life look like? 

Make the choice to put yourself first today by booking your recovery weekend away now.